Happily Ever After


Martin's Forever

We lost our 8 year old Belgian Shepherd, Xena, to cancer at the beginning of April.  We were crushed, and so was our 2 year old English Mastiff, Bella.  Xena was our Alpha and Bella completely reverted into a skittish and scared dog without her.  We knew we had to get another dog and decided we wanted to adopt/rescue.  I started following a lot of rescue organizations including Pups with Passports.  I got to work one day and when I opened my computer I saw pictures of Cooper (AKA: Martin) who had just arrived in Florida.  I knew immediately that I needed to know more about this beautiful dog.  I started messaging Caroline and she got me in contact with the Florida fosters.  I explained our situation and that I absolutely could not adopt a dog that was skittish or scared in any way.  Everyone was extremely helpful in getting me as much information as possible about him.  Pictures, videos, testimonials about his behavior, etc...  We knew he would be the perfect fit for us and were overjoyed when our application to adopt Cooper was approved.  Cooper was already on his way to a northern foster in PA, so we had to wait a week to bring him home.  The anticipation was killing us, but we were sent frequent videos of him playing and swimming with the other dogs at the rescue.  The day came for us to finally bring Cooper home and Pups with Passports arranged transportation for the 6-7 hour journey so that we only had to drive 1.5 hours away to meet someone and pick him up.  The entire adoption and transport process was very easy and convenient.  And even though I had never met any of these great people, the payment process made me feel very comfortable.  The adoption fee covered the cost of the flight only, no one with this organization makes any money doing this.  Half the money was due when the application was approved, and the remaining balance was not paid until Cooper was home.  This was such a great experience for us that my daughter has recently adopted Harry through Pups with Passports and she is anxiously awaiting his arrival at the end of the month.  We have also agreed to help foster for the organization and we will be getting our first short term foster, Lucy, who is arriving on the same flight as Harry.  We are beyond grateful for the volunteers at Pups with Passports.  To say Cooper is a great dog is an understatement, and Bella completely agrees....  In a very short period of time she has come back out of her shell and her and Cooper are now inseparable! 


Hera Seda & Georgia

Lady Hera Seda is our Turkey Baby from Pups with Passports. Talk about love & loyalty and the love & compassion to Rescue other Fur babies as Caroline has for her Mission. We can't imagine life without Hera Seda.